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Hey there, I'm Jeremy Southard! I tend to have lots of hobby and professional activities going on, so I thought I'd put together a website with easy access to all of them. Click on the different sections to explore the various things I am (or have been) involved in. Some of the sections may overlap a bit (e.g. you can't play with the Arduino electronics without programming), but I'll try not to include too much duplicate information.

HomeYou're looking at it right now!
ReadingI really enjoy reading and expanding my mind. Here is a list of some books, comics, and web sites I've enjoyed reading...and why!
ElectronicsI love gadgets and tinkering with things, more specifically the Arduino microcontroller. I've made a few things with them, but the end goal is to build a robot!
About MeGeneral information about me, my life, and the like.
ProgrammingInformation about programming languages I've used, interesting projects I've worked on, and various tips and tools I've come across over time.
MusicDetails about the different bands I've played in, instruments and equipment I own and use, and some various bands I like to listen to.
GamingOne of my favorite past-times is playing games. Board games, card games, dice games, video games...they're all exciting and I have several favorites I've enjoyed.
Game DesignIn my mind, the next logical step from loving to play games, is creating them yourself! I've created a few and more details can be found here.